Fórn – Weltschmerz

a2775827318_10 I like to use this time of year to my advantage with all these other metal sites putting out their favorite albums of the year (really early since some do it in November) to find any albums that I missed that may appeal to me. One such band is Fórn. I have to give credit to CVLT Nation with their Top Six Funeral Doom Releases covering bands that I’ve heard and haven’t with Fórn being the obvious latter. Their brand new EP “Weltschmerz” truly is one of the best doom albums I’ve heard all year with it really having two tracks, but Fórn splits them up into four with the first parts being the actual heavy doom that we all know and love only to switch to the second part that is strangely calming even though it has a real unsettling overtone that really fits well with both the album’s bleak cover art and its name which roughly translates to “world-weariness”. When I say that “Weltschmerz” is an experience that takes more than one listen to really appreciate I mean that you have to listen to it unbroken at least two or three times until you grasp the full majesty that is this crushing album. Each moment is a great piece of funeral doom that if you are a fan of doom you will just love every second of it, and if you’re not big into doom then I still implore to check this album out as it has got all the works for any great album of its genre. The vocals have good a fantastic, deep sound that fit excellently with the slower heavy guitars and bass that has got a fuck ton of kick and grit to it that gives it real flavor alongside the drums that know how to keep a hypnotic beat sounding amazing throughout the entire song. If you want a good time, Fórn is the place for you. These guys have got a great sound that rivals that of even veteran funeral doom bands and is arguably better than the majority of them out there and they seem to just get better with each album. You would be doing yourself a crime if you weren’t to at least check this album out as I’m sure it will make you want to hear more and want to see just where they can take their phenomenal sound to.

BUY “Weltschmerz” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Weltschmerz” on Bandcamp here or via Spotify here.

LIKE Fórn on Facebook here.

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