Killswitch Engage – Strength of the Mind (single)

killswitchengagestrengthsingle I think I can safely say that we’ve all heard of Killswitch Engage at one point in time, correct? And I know that others don’t like them, and metalcore even less. But I’ve never been really in love or against these guys as they’ve put out good albums but nothing has ever really clicked with me, you know? Their last album though is my favorite and after hearing their brand new single, “Strength of the Mind”, things definitely are looking up as this is to me one of their best songs easily. What I’m happy about is the fact that the growls were still left to Jesse Leach who was on their last album and “Alive or Just Breathing” is also doing them for this song and they are the most spot on that they have ever been for this band. I say “this band” because I think they were better with Times of Grace but I’m not gonna go there. The only lament that I have about this song is that it could have been just a tad heavier on the guitar side, but that’s just me, otherwise this is a very nice song as I said. It had a great flow, overall sound, and just sounded like they’re taking the feel of their last album and shaped it just differently enough to the point where it can now be seen as its own separate entity, which is fantastic! It’s great to see that even at this point in their career that they aren’t putting out the exact same thing with every album which would get boring extremely quick. I’m excited about this album, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not gonna say it’s gonna be the shit because that’s just what kind of band Killswitch is to me now. But if anything is to be shown it’s that they certainly have not lost their touch with “Strength of the Mind”. Not at all.

The full album, “Incarnate”, releases in March 2016!

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