1914 – Eschatology of War

a0357196273_10 Pop quiz, kids! What’s a specific topic that has been seemingly avoided in metal for quite some time now? The answer: a lot of stuff to be perfectly frank. A lot of things would make great topic for an album, but today’s case is the war that is renowned as either The Great War or World War I. Never before today have I heard an album that thought to make such a bloody war (all wars are bloody, but just stay with me) been told through black metal, but that is exactly what the very young band of 1914 has come to do. Just under 52 minutes of uncompromisingly impressive black metal, “Eschatology of War” is a truly unique album that perfectly embodies the dark nature that is war along with the sheer violence that can be found left and right amongst the corpses that 1914 describes in a most brutal fashion. As for the overall sound of the music itself I have to say that it is wonderfully awesome as eight out of the ten tracks are ~5 minutes or longer which gives 1914 plenty of time to show off their true talent to really use the run time to their advantage as they make every minute count, and every minute is filled with magnificence that I could not believe came out of a debut album. Now, you might be wondering this: wouldn’t these guys run out of different sub-topics to make songs about pretty quickly. The short answer is maybe if there were more tracks, but all in all “Eschatology of War” has got a great mix of tracks with differing themes (the exception being they’re all related to WWI, of course) which allows for not getting bored from the same thing being repeated over and over again. But by the end of this album, 1914 have truly proven themselves to be a unique name with a unique topic that easily places them away from the regular group of black metal bands that don’t try anything new, and I promise you that if you hear “Eschatology of War” that you will only want more of this war-themed black metal band.

LISTEN to “Eschatology on War” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE 1914 on Facebook here.

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