Varg – Das Ende Aller Lügen

cover_varg_d_e_a_l_1400x1400_(1) Now that is a title that is as righteous as righteous gets. If you don’t understand German then I’m gonna let you figure it out by yourself. All you do need to know is that “Das Ende Aller Lügen” is a magnificent piece of metal that just shows that 2016 is going to be a very interesting year for us metal heads as Varg have definitely established themselves as a band that held nothing back with this album. As their fifth full length album to date, I’m confident that anyone who hasn’t heard Varg before will want to start with “Das Ende Aller Lügen” as it has got some the most intense, slightly melodic, and badass music I’ve heard from a German band that has not gone down the shitter. With 39 minutes and 10 tracks of uncompromising intensity, each and every track off this record has a great rhythm to it that even when you listen to it all none stop you cannot help but continue listening because it’s just that good. Now, I don’t know about you but whenever a band, not to mention an album, is able to keep your attention throughout its entirety then the band really hit the nail on the head, and that is precisely what Varg has done here. And with a theme of exposing political leaders as liars and seducers (a still common theme, but hasn’t lost its touch), Varg have allowed themselves to create a no holds barred album. If you are ever going to need a band that begins such a revolt then Varg is just that band for you, and I promise you you will find something to enjoy out of “Das Ende Aller Lügen”. Arguably one of the best bands out of their country, Varg has made a terrific album that shows their days as a band are no where near over yet.

“Das Ende Aller Lügen” comes out January 15, 2016!

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