Yellow Eyes – Sick With Bloom

a2666914693_10 If you are an avid follower of black metal in the world then you have at least seen a mention of Yellow Eyes at some point in the last year or two. Their last album, “The Desert Mourns” (listen here), was an absolute marvel of atmospheric black metal, hell just black metal in general, which I only actually heard a few months ago and I fucking loved it. When I saw that Yellow Eyes was putting out “Sick With Bloom” I was extremely excited! I knew these guys had boat loads of talent and I could feel that this album was not going to be any sort of disappointment, and by the love of God was I right! This album isn’t exactly a masterpiece to me, however, but that doesn’t make this album any less impressive. From beginning to end “Sick With Bloom” is an intensely ominous album that really uses the atmospheric effects as transitions between tracks which really helps bring everything full circle as the intro preps you for the black metal that is about to fuck your shit up and then the conclusion being a calming, relaxing sensation that really pulls you back in before going back through that glorious cycle in the next track. Six tracks in total and over 42 minutes between them, Yellow Eyes have a good variety of tracks that any black metal fan will like especially the ones who want it with a classic feel to it because Yellow Eyes have a set of vocals that sound like something straight out of an old school black metal record, but then the rest of band sounds more modern and have a good crunch and subtle melody that really pieces everything together very nicely. The fact that with relatively so few tracks but a longer run time still resulted in “Sick With Bloom” being an above average album really says something about Yellow Eyes which is that they know how to use the time to their advantage without making the song feel too drawn out or become boring half way through. All in all, Yellow Eyes have only proven themselves to be above the rest with “Sick With Bloom” as it is irrefutable proof that they have got true talent and a real knack for creating some awesome atmospheric black metal, and I can guarantee you that they will only improve given time as even though they’ve been putting out albums for years now I assure you they are just barely getting started.

BUY “Sick With Bloom” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Sick With Bloom” on Bandcamp here or via Spotify here.


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