Dreadnought – Bridging Realms

a2861716630_10 It’s very easy for so many genres to flow together seamlessly in such a way that so many elements of so many genres are blended together into one album that makes a truly unique sound when the final product comes together. And if any album were to embody that situation it would have to be Dreadnought’s brand new piece, “Bridging Realms”, simply because even Dreadnought describes themselves as “elements of progressive rock, black metal, post rock, doom, and folk”. That’s a lot to take in, I know, but I’ll simplify it for you and call it psychedelic doom. I say that because while there are elements of all that stuff they said “Bridging Realms” is doom more than anything else and the mix of post and prog rock along with folk metal that bring in a bit of a psychedelic feel to it that is more than welcome for it really changes the feel of each track so that it doesn’t get a recycled feel or sound bland after a little while. What really astonished me was the implementations of instruments that are just straight up unconventional for metal with the additions of keyboards, a flute, and even a motherfucking saxophone creating a brand new feel that just evolves the current tone of the song, and to me that proves that Dreadnought are not only thinking out of the box but they built that fucking box and decided to do away with it because why the fuck not? And last but not least, Dreadnought has both female vocals that are vicious and entrancing at times that add whole new dimensions to the already solid doom metal that this Colorado band has somehow formed out of thin air. Also, if you’re a true doom fan and you see “folk”, “psychedelic”, and/or “saxophone” and think that this is bullshit because there’s no way it could be true to its main genre, then I implore you to shut up as all but one track off “Bridging Realms” is under 10 minutes long which shows that Dreadnought definitely have a grip on what it means to be a doom band and that definitely shows even after they’ve gone and redefined the genre that they started out with. An album that is worthy of and absolutely will be on plenty of peoples’ top albums of year lists, Dreadnought have without a doubt made both a statement and name for themselves with “Bridging Realms”, and both of those are good enough to hold them up until the can produce whatever magnificence they will create next.

BUY “Bridging Realms” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Bridging Realms” on Bandcamp here or via Spotify here.

LIKE Dreadnought on Facebook here.


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