Chrch – Unanswered Hymns

a1213294003_10 I like to think I’m familiar with doom metal along with metal bands that happen to shake things up by having a woman do the vocals which opens a shit ton of doors in terms of vocal style, but I can’t recall a time where I’ve seen those two things combined and I never noticed that before hearing Chrch’s excellent album “Unanswered Hymns”. First thing you notice is the crushing doom, obviously. It had a great sound to it that you would expect from a doom metal band that knows what they’re doing and Chrch quickly establish themselves as such a band within minutes of the 19-minute intro track off “Unanswered Hymns”. But what you weren’t expecting if you don’t research your bands like I do then you would’ve been caught a little off guard once the vocals come blasting in without holding a single thing back. They have such a good shriek to them that work extremely well with the slow tempo of the rest of the band that it’s very odd at how it works. There’s also moments, specifically in the first track, “Dawning”, where everything becomes very calm and light where the heaviness has gone away and in comes instruments that make the song suddenly become atmospheric, putting you into something of a trance that sends you sailing amongst the stars if you are truly listening to the music. That’s not uncommon for doom metal at all, but Chrch were able to do it so phenomenally well that I still cannot get over it even after hearing it so many times over and over. And in true doom fashion, “Unanswered Hymns” has but three tracks that combined reach a total run time of just under 45 minutes which gives Chrch definite points among the doom community if you ask me, and they earn even more with the fact that this is their debut album which irrefutably shows that they have loads of talent and potential to throw into any future albums that I guarantee will blow you out of your chair or whatever the fuck you are sitting in just as “Unanswered Hymns” has done for me.

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