Abbath – Count the Dead (single)

abbathcountthedeadsingle There has been a lot of commotion surrounding former Immortal vocalist Abbath which hasn’t really impacted me personally, but it’s apparently a big deal so I guess I should treat it like one. But I’ve been looking forward to hearing what Abbath’s solo project that is named after him would sound like. Black metal, obviously, but how would that sound? Today my wait has come to an end and I do have to say with complete honesty that I’m happy with what I’ve heard. Blasting in with an awesome combo of fast guitars and bass with a killer drum beat to match, Abbath immediately show that as a band they already know what they’re going for and how to do it, and that is only reinforced once you hear the shrill screaming that is the Abbath man himself doing what he does best. There is also a subtle melody amongst this nice piece of black metal and that really goes a long way as it keeps you listening because of it’s irresistible rhythm that just makes you wanna reply the song over and over again. “Count the Dead” is about half way through Abbath’s upcoming album so that gives me hope that this is not even the best song off the album, which is usually the first song but not always. But this song has definitely given Abbath the credit that they are due as it shows that they aren’t fucking around and most likely will deliver with their debut. I’ve been proven wrong before, but I’ve got confidence with these guys because “Count the Dead” is a fantastic track to say the least that shows great potential

“Abbath” comes out the 22nd of January 2016!

LISTEN to “Count the Dead” via Blabbermouth here or via Spotify here.

LIKE Abbath on Facebook here.


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