Triumvir Foul (self-titled)

a1396325915_10 I remember hearing Triumvir Foul’s first demo, “An Oath of Blood and Fire”, and thinking that it was some of the best old school death metal that I had ever heard and it could not get better than that any time soon. Well, not even a year later these guys are back and more brutal than ever with their brand new self-titled debut album that I have to say is even more astounding than their phenomenal demo. If you want me to sum up this record in three words then it would be this: no holds barred. That’s exactly what Triumvir Foul has done. Each and every fucking track off of this 41 minute monster has no sort of restraints on its style, sound, or theme as every moment through ridiculously remorseless moment is filled to the fucking brim with uncomprehendingly intense death metal that would get even the most up tight elitist motherfucker out there to go “this is pretty good”. The growls have such a raw feel to them that they fit magnificently well with the guitars that were not only fast, they had a subtle rhythm while remaining a constant heaviness alongside the bass that sounded like they were the prelude to death itself, and the drums were just blasting all over the place that made this album true head banging material whether that part was intentional or not. And what I really respect Triumvir Foul for is the fact that they do not need super ultra intense guitar solos to make their brand of death metal more badass because it’s already marvelously badass to begin with and honestly a needless solo would only taint the music that is just spot on perfect as it is. This is easily one of the gems of the underground scene in all over metal in America, and maybe even the entire world because nothing from a band that has as few followers as Triumvir Foul does has made me shit myself this much. An album that gets a very satisfying rate of ten out of motherfucking ten in all categories, “Triumvir Foul” is an album that if you don’t even think to check out one song off it then frankly you are one sorry son of a bitch because you will be missing out!

LISTEN to “Triumvir Foul” on Bandcamp here, or via Spotify here.

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