Hamleypa – Im Morgen von Einst

a3483331613_10 In case you’re wondering, the album title, “Im Morgen von Einst”, is German for “in the tomorrow of yore” (courtesy of Hamleypa themselves). I felt like I should just throw that out there for all you people not from Deutschland. But as far as this album goes as an album, Hamleypa has done a fantastic job. “Im Morgen von Einst” is a very nice atmospheric black metal album so many ways as Hamleypa manage to put together 4 tracks with 37+ minutes between them that showcase great pieces of well done atmosphere, black metal that is as raw as it is well done, and finally something totally different that was very refreshing. By totally different I mean that there would suddenly come some sort of sound that is nowhere near black metal but it just sounds so good and mixes excellently with the atmospheric elements that I have zero complaints about it. As for the black metal parts, also very well done as it keeps you glued t your seat and makes you want to keep listening which is a skill that is rare and very much appreciated in atmospheric black metal as a lot of times it feels drawn out and you get bored, but not with Hamleypa. Now this is a debut album from just some dudes in Germany, and that is something very interesting because this sounds like something that came from a group of veterans of the genre, not five guys who haven’t even been doing this for ten years. But I’ve got no problems with that because “Im Morgen von Einst” is a very solid album that I encourage any fan of atmospheric black metal fan to check out right now.

LISTEN to “Im Morgen von Einst” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Hamleypa on Facebook here.


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