Supreme Carnage – Sentenced by the Cross

Supreme_Carnage Anyone who says the words “old school death metal is gone” has clearly never heard Supreme Carnage before. These fine gentlemen from Germany have come together for their second album, “Sentenced by the Cross”, which in its essence is an album straight from the days where death metal had no boundaries. There weren’t any sub-genres. There weren’t anyone who wanted melody or to slow things down. There definitely wasn’t a lack of heaviness. “Sentenced by the Cross” is a fantastic old school death metal album in so many ways and three of which I shall point out for you new comers out there: (1) the cover shows a good degree of violence which is always nice, (2) all 10 tracks off the album are unrelenting and have a great deal of brutality that any death fan out there will be able to head bang along with for the whole of the album which is a rare pleasure, and (3) it had a theme that is very anti-religion which brings out some of the very best intensity that any band can put out in terms of lyrical content. Each track was filled with a growl that was all but aggressive and a punch to the face, heavy ass guitars that refuse to stop with their constant brutality even if the world were falling apart because of them, a bass that had such a sound to it that it made my brain physically hurt but I enjoyed every moment of it (note: I am not a masochist, I swear), and the drums were possessed by some demon which is very fitting for the theme of the album along with the fact that they are fucking amazing. Supreme Carnage even shows their ability to work with longer tracks as some reach well over 5 minutes long, and that’s something death metal bands aren’t able to do very often and make it sound as badass. With that being said, this album should just be known as badass because it is in no fucking way a disappointment. If anything, it’s proof that death metal is still going strong with bands like Supreme Carnage on the forefront of the best bands out there making the best death in the world. If you are going to check out any album before the year is out, it goes without saying that “Sentenced by the Cross” is and should be around the top of that list. This album is the embodiment of a genre and will be remembered as that by anyone fortunate enough to hear it. And take my word for it, you will want to hear this beast.

LISTEN to “Sentenced by the Cross” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Supreme Carnage on Facebook here.


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