Arcade Messiah – II

a2916005811_10 Sophomore album are unjustly notorious for being the album that is lesser than a band’s debut as it isn’t as “unique” or “special” for the band in question. But in my experience, the sophomore album turns out to be better than a band’s debut the majority of the time because the band has time to mature and create a more developed sound than before which always sounds better, and in the case with Arcade Messiah’s new album, “II”, that is exactly what happened. This one man band put together his self-titled debut about a year ago and I remember it being nice, but it could’ve used some work, and after doing some “work” of his own he came back with “II” which is a significant improvement from everything of the first record. With this album not a single moment came along where I wanted to stop listening because the music wasn’t entertaining enough. On the contrary, I wanted to hear more because the instrumental sound mixed with the elements progressive metal created a really nice sound that I feel like you can listen to anywhere as it works splendidly as both background noise and something you are intentionally listening to for enjoyment. If you want to sit down and listen to a longer song that has a good bit of “meat” on its “bones” then there are plenty of tracks on “II” for you, or if you want a quick song that has a good riffs and doesn’t linger too long on a single beat then this album has got that for you as well. This is also a roughly 41 minute album so that means you have plenty of time, and plenty of material, to really appreciate the great sound that Arcade Messiah has managed to amass with “II” as it shows that not only have his musical skills improved, but he shows that he knows how to create a hybrid of rock and metal that actually sounds good especially to someone like me who loves both. Now that is something that is to be admired and respected, for it is a virtue that I rarely come across and I am more than ecstatic to see that Arcade Messiah has reached a new plane of musicianship with “II” in terms of form, quality, and how much enjoyment one can get from hearing it.

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