Trivium – Silence In the Snow

11811572_10153147386401896_7870895854136755956_n If you ask me I think that Trivium have been putting out “okay” albums since their amazing piece that was “Shogun” with their last album being not even worth mentioning in my book. So when I saw that they released “Silence In the Snow” I was very interested, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t want to take a chance before hearing what other people had to say about it, and people had many a good thing to say about this album. And if I had to say anything about “Silence In the Snow” it’s this: Trivium have once again shown themselves to be one of the titans of modern metal as this album is easily one of their crowning achievements that to me stands par with “Shogun” for miles. But if you like the screams that Trivium are known for then I truly am sad to say that you won’t get any from “Silence In the Snow” because while everything outside the vocals are heavy, fast, and got that melody that Trivium is known for the vocals stay smooth and sing instead of scream. Now for me that’s no big deal because I think the dude has got a great voice to sing with as it’s melodic, has a great feel to it, and somehow works very well when everything else is heavy, but I know other people think otherwise but I don’t think that should prevent you from liking this album. It also helps because I did not once find myself thinking that any track off this album was boring or too drawn out or just didn’t sound good. Each song was a great piece in terms of metal, rock, and just music in general. “Silence In the Snow” is a fantastic album that shows Trivium really thought outside the box this time because while still being fast and heavy they created an album that was easy on the ears and made somewhat of a jack of all trades for modern metal which goes a long way in today’s world. Easily one of their best albums they’ve ever made, Trivium have proven that they aren’t going to throw in the towel any time soon and I am extremely thankful for that.

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2 thoughts on “Trivium – Silence In the Snow

  1. Really digging the new material, I’m also appreciating the cleaner vocals. I just have a thing for good singing voices I guess. Saw them live on 2/2 in Fresno, so glad I made the trip to see them.

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