Wolfmother – City Lights (single)

12243208_10153701406277667_6699645076238571889_n I will be completely honest and say that I have never heard a single Wolfmother song before today, which is sacrilegious depending on who you ask, but I’m just a fucking weirdo like that. But there is a first for anything, and as far as first impressions of Wolfmother just by their new single “City Lights” alone I have to say that this band has truly lived up to their reputation that I’ve heard about for so many years and their upcoming album “Victorious” seems like it is going to be the absolute shit when it comes out in February. “City Lights” is a catchy tune that any rock fan, including me, has the ability to instantly like as the song pieces itself together from the rhythmic guitars, smooth vocals that never lacked any sort of luster at any point in the song, The chorus had a great sound to it that was entrancing to say in the least which only kept me listening simply because it sounded so good that I could not help but keep the music going. Not a lot of bands have been able to keep going for as long as Wolfmother have with alt rock being a very vicious genre to stay popular in as with every other genre out there, but Wolfmother continues to prove that they are well above the rest as “City Lights” show that they are back and mean business like they have been for over a decade now, and they show no signs of stopping. I cannot help but say that this one song has made me excited for the new album (which is what it’s supposed to do), and when “Victorious” comes out you can bet your ass that I will be all over that and so should you.

“Victorious” comes out February 19, 2016!

PRE-ORDER “Victorious” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “City Lights” via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW Wolfmother on Twitter : @wolfmother


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