Månegarm (self-titled)

634_Manegarm_CMYK I’ve been meaning to get around to satisfying my recent fix for folk metal, and right now Månegarm has put out one of the best albums this year to satisfy you’re need for folk metal, viking metal, pagan metal, or whatever else you wanna fucking call it. From excellent tracks like “Odin Owes Ye All”  to “Call of the Runes”, “Månegarm” is without a doubt an amazing album of its genre that must be heard to be believed because even after putting out 7 previous full length albums this band has the ability to put out a great hour long album that attempt number 8 that is “Månegarm”. If you want to listen to something fast with intense vocals that sound like a possessed man running into battle or hear something that sounds like a gathering at the local inn where everyone has a pint of mead in their hands, Månegarm has got your back as both of those styles show up more than enough to fill your need for either kind which I constantly have. And what is something else that is trademark for folk metal? “Unconventional” instruments, of course! By that I mean violins and accordions, both of which I’m certain I heard in the tales that “Månegarm” had to tell, and let me tell you that they sounded as awesome and as well done as they could’ve possibly been which just makes this album all the more marvelous than what it already was. And if you’re not happy yet, then Månegarm also thinks to through in the gorgeous singing of a woman that adds a good ambiance in the background and sometimes just taking the whole stage for a little while, and such variety like that is always something that I highly appreciate because it’s works out most of the time and this is no exception. This is a fantastic album, no two ways about it. If you wanna hear some good folk metal from this year and I can think of almost no other place better than “Månegarm” because by the end of the journey you’ll be happy you took and will be back to experience it again before you realize it.

BUY “Månegarm” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Månegarm” via YouTube below.

WATCH the music video for “Odin Owes Ye All” via YouTube below (below the full stream).

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