Their Dogs Were Astronauts – Earthkeeper

a0208815633_10 What a band name! Never before has the name of a band alone made me wonder what an album has in store for me, and in the case with Their Dogs Were Astronauts’ album “Earthkeeper” it was something that was oddly impressive because of how innovative it was. That’s what progressive metal typically is, though; innovative. And what stands out for Their Dogs Were Astronauts the most was the fact that this is a two-man instrumental band, which is not exactly something that you or I come across every day. So right there you know that there isn’t any average about this album and that goes double for the quality of all 13 tracks off of “Earthkeeper”. One after another, each well crafted song has a great flow to it that also manages to combine rock with metal that meaning there’s a rhythm from softer guitars found normally in rock mixed with a heavy kick at the same time from another guitar or bass that just adds a little something to spice things up. It doesn’t always work, but most of the time it does so that definitely counts for something. Also, the fact that this is an instrumental band is special because they’re not limited by a vocalist’s range so they can do any note they want any way they want without having to worry about if a voice will fit the rest of the band, and that is a virtue that should not be taken lightly. And if you’re worried about “Earthkeeper” becoming boring at points then stop because Their Dogs Were Astronauts have proven themselves with this album to be able to keep the listener entertained by (1) having a great range of sound that not a lot of bands can pull off well and (2) each track is ever so riff-a-licious that you cannot help but continue listening. Progressive metal at some of its most progressive, “Earthkeeper” is definitely a strong album that shows Their Dogs Were Astronauts without a doubt know what they are doing and one of the unsung heroes of their genre.

LISTEN to “Earthkeeper” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Their Dogs Were Astronauts on Facebook here.


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