Veldes – Descent

a0225075361_10 Imagine what the soundtrack for the Siberian tundra forest would be. The cold air with your breath clouding your fucking glasses for the millionth time. The rigid leaves rustling in the beyond brisk wind that is a strangely satisfying sound no matter who you are. Veldes harnesses those sensations with their latest EP “Descent” which would normally mean a descent into madness if you were any other black metal genre, but atmospheric black metal usually says “fuck that” to that marvelous idea. This album is about the descent into a dreadful peace. Dreadful meaning that both tracks (yes, both) have emotional lyrics that talk about depression and the horrors of the mind, and peace because they sing about nature. Veldes also manages to seamlessly combine just about everything from you typical black metal band with a motherfucking piano. A single piano doesn’t sound like much, I know, but it goes a very long way. It adds extra mood, extra atmosphere, and combined with the vocals that shift from a far off sounding screech with a smoother voice that make an absolutely perfect match for the nature theme that is fantastic all by itself. Oh, and another thing that goes a long way in more ways than one are the song lengths with one being over 9 minutes long and the other running for a fabulous 14 minutes. A long march for most people, yes, but to me and many other people that is a gift that few can rarely present well enough, and by whatever unholy presence there is do Veldes pull it off. If I had to grade “Descent” in terms of words then I’d have to say that it is a great piece of black metal that goes a long way for anyone interested in atmospheric black metal, despressive black metal, or just plain black metal because Veldes have certainly got all our backs in those three fields and I will bet plenty of money that they will not disappoint any time soon.


LISTEN to “Descent” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Veldes on Facebook here.


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