Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom

a3571557725_10 Hmm… aggressive, bleak, and having a feel that is dark as it is intense? Check, check, and check. That’s a black metal album, alright, and Grey Heaven Fall has gone that idea down real tight to the point where their sophomore full length, “Black Wisdom”, is a very solid piece of black metal to say in the very least. This 51 minute album is one that you really have to sit down and feel the full impact of the overall feel and sound of “Black Wisdom” as Grey Heaven Fall manage to mold emotion, intensity, and atmosphere into something that isn’t too much of each, and it undoubtedly stays true to the style of black metal vocals with them even straying back and forth from the shrill scream to a more deep growl that’s more death metal at times, but that doesn’t mess up the flow at all. If anything, it improves it as they constantly shift the tone and feel of the songs which is something that a lot of black metal bands keep at just a solid line with one set of vocals, but Grey Heaven Fall clearly know the power of a dual style set of vocals. As for the rest of the band, everything has a really raw, heavy, and harsh sound to them that work perfectly with the vocals as they seem to be the auditory representation of the cover art which is only one word I can think of: bleak. That’s seems to be a key word for “Black Wisdom” as each track just has this overhanging feel of violence and death that works ever so well. And although I haven’t heard their first full length, I can almost guarantee you that Grey Heaven Fall are on the edge of creating a phenomenal album. They just have to change things up a little bit, in my opinion, to reach that point. Maybe a different producer? Who knows, but either way “Black Wisdom” is a very nice album that if you’re into black metal that’s just a whole mix of things but definitely black metal, then I can’t help but suggest Grey Heaven Fall for you.


LISTEN to “Black Wisdom” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Grey Heaven Fall on Facebook here.


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