Eritherium – Polar

a1558583020_10 Progressive death metal is something that can be only two things: very nice or a deathcore band trying to sound more appealing. In the case with Eritherium it would be the former of the two, luckily enough. Their second full length, “Polar”, is an excellent example of a band making death metal a more casual listen without getting rid of the deep growls that constantly keep up for the entirely of the song and even the album to the point where I can say that they are a perfect match for the guitars, drums, and bass. Speaking of which, those instruments are what help “Polar” become such an easier listen for anyone, and if you just want to unwind the day with the metal but don’t want something super heavy or lose some awesome growls, the it seems that Eritherium has got the album for you with 6-tracks forming a 46 minute piece that is as interesting as it is rare. Only once have I heard progressive death performed such a way and that would be with Countless Skies, and while Eritherium doesn’t go as far as they do they definitely manage to bring a new dynamic to death metal where they can keep the growls while bringing lighter everything that’s more rhythmic, more emotion that seems to be expressed by the guitars, and an overall feel that would be a more than good enough intro into death metal if you’re trying to ease someone into it. “Polar” shows off its strengths with long tracks, as well, with 11 minutes being the longest which gives Eritherium plenty of time to showcase their talent and capability of handling longer songs as well as shorter. In the long run, “Polar” is a strong album that definitely shows that Eritherium has got a pretty good grasp as being one of the better bands in the Australian death metal scene as progressive isn’t always the best but these guys make it work excellently.


LISTEN to “Polar” on Bandcamp here.

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