Trup – Hymnes à la Déroute

a2822574648_10 Black metal is a whole bunch of things. Loud, complex, a very diverse genre with even more diverse sub-genres, and a following that is as massive as it is amazing. And sometimes there will come along a band that will just want to take black metal and crank the intensity of everything they possibly can up to once thousand and make it as raw as they possibly can. Today, Trup is that band. Even going the extra mile and incorporating the extreme length that is drone metal for a little extra run time, Trup’s debut 3-track album, “Hymnes à la Déroute” is a ridiculously raw piece that I have to say I’ve not heard to such a degree before. Black metal is known for its raw intensity, as you know, but Trup manages to strip away all sort of composure and form to go for something that is pure aggressive violence that only lets up to bring in this ambiance that is really unnerving as it dismantles your conscious, making you unprepared for the coming blast of madness. And the cover art for “Hymnes à la Déroute” portrays everything there is about this album perfectly: bleak, violent, and not a single glimmer of hope to be seen even in between the clouds. This 2-man project is something that I find more than worthy to be considered something to watch out for as even though I’m not crazy over “Hymnes à la Déroute”, it definitely shows that these dudes know what they’re doing and how to do it. Would I recommend “Hymnes à la Déroute”? Maybe, maybe not. But would I suggest looking out for any future albums from these Canadians? Absolutely.


LISTEN to “Hymnes à la Déroute” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Trup on Facebook here.

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