Blackened Death Records Presents: Hammer Smashed Faith II

a1890829264_10 It would appear to me that the tiny record label that is Blackened Death Records has got a compilation series going on, and I enjoyed the first entry to the “Hammer Smashed Faith” series so why the fuck not check out it’s successor? Well, if anything, “Hammer Smashed Faith II” does a better job and just being a compilation overall than the first because this album has much more diversity and it feels like a literal roller-coaster as there are plenty of ups and downs that are endlessly entertaining. And these aren’t bands signed exclusively to Blackened Death, no, they decided to take the best of bands the vast majority of us, including me for most of the album, have never heard of and throwing them into one piece that is cohesive and very well put together. Thirteen tracks is a journey for any album that has that many songs, but this compilation manages to merge several black/death metal acts together to create a brutal feel, intense pace, and an overall feel that only fans of the genre can understand what it feels to have them go back to back relentlessly. Then twice there are some folk metal-esque tracks that I believe serve as interludes and they really help bring a new tone to “Hammer Smashed Faith II”. While some would think that fucks up the flow of the compilation, I feel like it actually keeps it more well-rounded and keeping good form in its entirety and if you’re listening to the whole album at once (like I did) then a change in pace is good thing because too much of one thing gets boring very quickly, and it seems Blackened Death Records understands that 100% and have made another great compilation out of some of the most interesting underground bands they could find. Each track has its own strengths, the bands are put in a very flattering light with their chosen tracks, and this compilation overall is just very well done. “Hammer Smashed Faith III” (should it become a thing) will be another marvelous compilation, I am willing to bet.


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