Heat of Damage – Open Fire

xx1TvGK I always like taking a step back from metal and looking at rock for a change just to shake things up, and Heat of Damage does that just fine for me but they also manage to incorporate just enough metal into their style as to make it not overpower the rock but still be very evident. The metal really comes in with the vocals that scream from time to time which I’m all for in any case, but Heat of Damage does it very nicely and make it work better than some other fans try (and eventually fail) to do. They also manage to have some awesome, crunchy guitars that one could argue are more metal than rock, and that’s a valid point but I’ll just leave it at rock because I feel like it’s more accurate. Overall, though, “Open Fire” as a debut full length album is very solid because it has an ongoing groove to it that is both entrancing and riff-a-licious which isn’t always a good thing but Heat of Damage hits the nail right on the head for this album. And like I said, “Open Fire” is Heat of Damage’s first full length and I think they did a fantastic job making the switch from EPs to a full length which is something that a lot of bands don’t handle as well because because they don’t have the mental capacity (talent) to create more than a few decent songs, and as you may have guessed by now I know that Heat of Damage is not a run-of-the-mill band in those terms. Definitely a band to keep in the back of your head, for sure.


LISTEN to “Open Fire” on Spotify here.

WATCH the music video for “Judgement Day” via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW Heat of Damage on Twitter : @HeatofDamage


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