Wounded Cross – Bonecrusher

cover The term of “traditional metal” is such a confusing term for me, and I say that because it can be interpreted as being more related to Black Sabbath-like bands or just being edgier hard rock that it’s almost impossible to find a band that I can safely say plays traditional metal. Well the universe once more decides to shine on my dumb ass as Wounded Cross’ debut EP “Bonecrusher” is the embodiment of traditional metal by any and all standards, and I don’t care who says what against it. This 3-track EP perfectly fuses modern rock elements alongside classic heavy metal elements to create something that actually is reminiscent of doom metal, but it’s not as unforgiving or crunchy as doom but Wounded Cross manages to create an album that has both a very nice flow to it along with having an overall upbeat feel to it that metal is usually lacking but I feel like it’s unintended in this case with a band name like that, but who knows maybe I’m wrong and I’m just over thinking it? Either way, it sounds pretty good. And while none of the 3 tracks that Wounded Cross has managed to dash out really stand out to me or blow my brains, “Bonecrusher” is definitely proof that this band has something very interesting in the works, I can tell. This sounds too good for a band like this for there not to be something good cooking in their heads that will soon be recorded. I’m sure some of you will understand what I mean by that when this EP drops December 5th. And after that I will not be watching like a hawk on their next album progress, more like a distracted squirrel with ADHD, but you can bet your ass that whenever they put out their next record I’ll be all over that because Wounded Cross has got my curiosity, they just have yet to gain my complete attention.


LISTEN to the track “Ashes” via YouTube below.

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