Itnuveth – Paulsilaur: “Under the Wolf’s Skin”

12039465_882958488406523_4781439999725452503_n Itnuveth was a band for me that put out one of the more under stated and sadly unrecognized album of 2014: their debut album, “The Way of the Berserker”. That album was the very definition of “pagan black metal” and was without a doubt my favorite album to come out of Spain last year, and while it wasn’t a perfect album it definitely showed that Itnuveth was chock full of more than enough talent to keep someone let me glued to my seat and keep listening to them. Now, they’re back with a motherfucking vengeance that is here to slash your throat with a warrior clad in a wolf’s skin. “Paulsilaur: “Under the Wolf’s Skin”” holds nothing back for nothing, and the only time they take a step back is to introduce something that sounds like a loot and it works very well with the overall theme of the music of battle and death. It creates a very atmospheric feel that sounds like the aftermath of a vicious battle as a warrior attempts to recollect himself in a tavern with a guy playing the loot going at it, only to soon go back out to defy death once more. Itnuveth manages to capture that feel perfectly especially with there being 3 interludes that are calmer than everything else that to me really serve as the way to take you out of the death-ridden battles that were the previous tracks before putting you back into the midst of battle by using sounds like the sound of a horn blaring right before the volley of arrows impaling their targets. Then the actual metal that Itnuveth manages to pull off is actually very high quality for an underground band as each track off of “Paulsilaur: “Under the Wolf’s Skin”” has great vocals, killer guitars, a dreadful (in a good way) bass, and monstrous drums that don’t let up, except for the calmer bits, of course. And overall Itnuveth have made a more than solid album that shows they that have improved exponentially since their debut which was good to begin with. “Paulsilaur: “Under the Wolf’s Skin”” is without a doubt my favorite pagan black metal album so far this year and probably will end up being my favorite of 2015, and it should end up that way for many other black metal fans out there who are fortunate enough to listen to this. It’s an experience that cannot be missed, and if you do happen to miss it then I am truly sorry for you.


LISTEN to the track, “People of the High Red Lands”, via YouTube below.

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