Motherslug (self-titled)

a2235712070_10 I’ll be upfront and say that this is technically not an actual album as this is just Motherslug’s first two EP’s put into one record by their record label, NoSlip Records, but they did it this year and it is an album so I’ll let it slide not only for that but also because “Motherslug” is a very nice, crunchy piece of old school sounding doom that I myself am hard pressed to find in a lot of other places. Coming in with 6 strong, lengthy tracks, Motherslug have already shown that they have a clear grasp on what they need to make some good doom: riffs that are endlessly entertaining, energy and quality that keep you interested for the entire song, and just an overall crunch that doom metal is known for that I feel like is one but many things that fans, including myself, enjoy amongst a lot of other things. Motherslug also manages to make their songs feel longer than just 6 minutes or even 8 minutes, and I’m not exactly sure how but I’m not complaining because that’s not something I see a lot and I do have to say I enjoy it so that’s but another good thing from this album. And if anything is to be taken away from this album it’s to note that Motherslug kept a consistent entertaining feel through the entire album which is hard for a small band to pull off, but crazier things have happened and I’m happy to say that Motherslug have met the quota that sometimes even bigger bands fail to meet with this self-titled piece that no doom fan should miss.


LISTEN to “Motherslug” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Motherslug on Facebook here.


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