Disenchanter – Strange Creations

a2926729174_10 I’ve always heard my doom metal and typically it’s been slow as that is the nature of the genre, but some bands have never been afraid to quicken the pace just a bit while still remaining true to the style (ie. Crypt Sermon), and now I’ve found myself listening to another band that dashes out their own doom the same way while also mixing it with some very well done stoner metal. Disenchanter come at us with their first full length album, “Strange Creations”, which in short terms is a 7-track piece that runs for over 55 minutes while also containing some of the best use of riffs I’ve heard in quite a while. In longer terms, Disenchanter have shown that they are here to bust out their own special blend for stoner doom metal that has a great flowing sound that contains lengthy tracks, but they are interesting enough to keep even someone who’s never heard doom metal entertained for the meanwhile. And one thing that sets Disenchanter apart from the main group is that the singer is a woman which brings in a whole different feel to the album compared to a guy singing as the tracks seemingly flow more smoothly, have a lighter sound (which perfectly contrasts the heaviness that is the rest of the band), and just transforms the overall sound itself into a whole new experience. And by the end of this interesting hour long album, Disenchanter have officially begun their journey as a stoner doom force to be reckoned with as I firmly believe “Strange Creations” is just the beginnings for these guys. An awesome album, Disenchanter does not disappoint in the slightest.


LISTEN to “Strange Creations” on Bandcamp here.

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