Roundtable – Dread Marches Under Bloodied Regalia

a2492315740_10 I love me a good concept album, I love me some quality sludgy doom metal, and I love me a medieval theme. Now did I ever hope that such a combination would come to be? Only every day of my fucking life! And just after seeing the cover art for Roundtable’s debut album things only got better. I saw that it was doom (check), it was mixed with some sludge (check), the tracks were lengthy with a great amount of crunchy riffs (double check), and to top it all off each and every track had a fantastic feel to it that perfectly contained the brutality of the story while also having a sound that is terrific for the theme (check for days). And if you’re into instrumental doom then Roundtable have still got your back as half of “Dread Marches Under Bloodied Regalia” (3 tracks) is instrumental and is as fantastic as the other half. Each and every track perfectly tells the story of conquering lands, warring nations, betrayal, the hunt for vengeance, and (best of all for me) the epic siege of a lord’s abode. No other band has been able to do that in my experience, and Roundtable have gained my love instantly with the first track alone. This whole album is done perfectly and is without a doubt in my mind one of the best albums of 2015 because “Dread Marches Under Bloodied Regalia” is a combination of everything that makes any sort of album great, but the fact that this is Roundtable’s debut and they nailed it right off the bat shows that this isn’t your ordinary doom band. They have created a record that is phenomenal, unique, and an absolute treat for not just any doom metal but anyone who can sit through this entire 49 minute tale. As I said this is one of my favorite albums this year, and I have only faith that Roundtable will get better by the time they put out a follow up to this and when that happens I will be all over that shit, and I suggest you do the same as well after listening to “Dread Marches Under Blood Regalia”!


LISTEN to “Dread Marches Under Bloodied Regalia” on Bandcamp here.

LISTEN to the track “Siege of Lord Uther’s Keep” via YouTube below.

LIKE Roundtable on Facebook here.

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