Owler – Waves

a3576162683_10 Sometimes an album comes along that transcends the genres of both metal and rock, and those albums can be either good or bad of course depending upon the band and how well they do it. But in the case of Owler with their debut EP, “Waves”, this is a more than successful blend of the two as all 4 tracks off of this album are both innovative and enticing at the same time. What really seperates the combination of rock and metal is the fact that Owler has perfected their switching from one to the other in two distinct ways: vocal style and the style of the guitars themselves. By vocals I mean at first they have a smooth, melodic feel that rock is normally known for, but they can flip in an instant to a more death metal-esque feel which as a fan of death metal I have to say that they are as spot on as they could possibly be. The same goes for the guitars that can switch from calm and flowing to a more brutal and crushing feel to them, and both have a great feel to them that I do have to say are done very, very well. Only thing holding me back from loving “Waves” is that all 4 tracks are over 5 minutes long and I just don’t think they do well for their length in my opinion, but other than that the entire EP is done very nicely. Hopefully this won’t be the end of Owler as I would be definitely interested in seeing what they could do on another EP or a full length album after the success that “Waves” is.


LISTEN to “Waves” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Owler on Facebook here.


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