Grip – Wolves/Fawn

a1046956626_10 It’s always cool to see that some band somewhere is trying to do their best at creating something that others have done before, but in their own unique way and for Grip that’s creating a post-hardcore sound that is interesting and good at the same time. I will say that their debut EP “Wolves/Fawn” wasn’t fantastic in my opinion is was definitely interesting because Grip is about half way through the process of becoming truly awesome. One of the things that I didn’t find all that good were the vocals that while they were good by themselves they just didn’t mix well with the guitars, bass, and drums which also had a nice feel and rhythm when done without the vocals. All 5 tracks though have an overall nice feel to them that the term “post-hardcore” truly is the best phrase to describe Grip’s style that, while needing some fine tuning, is done very nicely. I’m positive that given time Grip can put out a great post-hardcore album as they are most of the way through the process of figuring out how they want to do things and how to do them right, and that will definitely be a record that I would be keen to listen to. But for now, we just got “Wolves/Fawn” with its interesting style and for now it will have to do and I’ve got no problem with that, personally, as in time I’m sure that I can come to really enjoy this album.


LISTEN to “Wolves/Fawn” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Grip on Facebook here.


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