Mammoth Salmon – Last Vestige of Humanity

a0382549168_10 Of any band name that wasn’t death metal that made me turn my head the most, Mammoth Salmon by far has to take the cake. And in terms of their style which combines doom metal style guitars, a stoner rock style of rhythm and sound, along with sludge metal style vocals, this band has practically hit the nail on the head with their first full length, “Last Vestige of Humanity”. Sometimes doom metal alone will get boring as you want something a little bit different, but for me that happened not even once while listening to this album as Mammoth Salmon successfully manages to combines three different genres into one sound to the point where they create a great flow and a unique feel that I have been hard pressed to find elsewhere. Each and every track has a create crunch to it, a slow tempo that is both captivating and entertaining, and an overall feel that is rare in doom metal, but it just works so damn well that I can’t help but listen to it. And coming in with over 35 minutes of awesome doom/sludge metal in but only 6 tracks, Mammoth Salmon have done what many bands before them have failed to do: create something unique and interesting that fans of the original sound and those who aren’t can really enjoy simply because “Last Vestige of Humanity” is a unique album from a band that clearly has gotten the gears turning. If I have to say anything about Mammoth Salmon’s future after what I would call a success first full length it would be this: the will only get better as they without a doubt have the talent to do something that can shit peoples’ pants, including mine.


LISTEN to “Last Vestige of Humanity” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mammoth Salmon on Facebook here.


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