Flesh of the Stars – Hide

a3688074345_10 If someone were to ask me what other genre goes well with doom metal I would have to settle with sludge metal because so many bands have been able to do a lot with that combination and so many times has it left me awestruck, and this instance is no different. As a debut album, no, as an album in itself, “Hide” is an impressive feat for the very, very small doom/sludge band of Flesh of the Stars. This album is both enticing and immeasurably entertaining for someone who likes high quality doom metal with a severe sludge crunch to it that does not even hesitate for a moment. And it’s always cool when there are short interlude tracks that break down the tension that previous tracks had built up, only to lead into another slew of crunchy metal that is as irresistible as the interlude before it, and Flesh of the Stars nails that perfectly not once but twice in “Hide”. Not to mention that awesome cover art which really captures the imagination as well as the music does, which is a one-two punch that is always great to see and even better to experience first hand. Also, like I said, this is Flesh of the Stars’ debut album, and it really makes me wonder what these guys can do if they went absolutely all out in the making of another record, not to say they didn’t with “Hide” but I obviously wasn’t there to witness that. But by the end of this 7-track piece, you have gone through a unique and interesting doom/sludge experience that can be found only rarely, and fortune has smiled upon me today as the rare has happened with me discovering “Hide”, and I’ve no doubt that Flesh of the Stars can do it again, if not better, whenever they bust out a second record. I guarantee it.


LISTEN to “Hide” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Flesh of the Stars on Facebook here.


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