Tomb of Finland – Below the Green

TOF booklet pages 12&1stroke I’ve heard all sorts of blackened death albums over the course of this year alone, and Tomb of Finland have easily climbed the ranks in an instant and have become one of my favorite blackened death albums of 2015. That being said, I don’t think “Below the Green” is one of my favorites of the year, but it is definitely a more than solid album that shows that this band has more than enough talent to make a real name for themselves in the metal underground. “Below the Green” is a very nice debut by all accounts as each track, excluding the instrumental intro, contains the screech that is normally associated with black metal that sometimes go deeper for a more brutal feel, and everything from the guitars to the drums have a fast pace that makes even the 5+ minute songs feel fast paced and intense which is always a great thing especially when they sound good and Tomb of Finland does that perfectly. This 37 minute album is a very nice debut as I said and I can say with utter confidence that whenever Tomb of Finland busts out their next album, which they’re currently working on already, it will be nothing but improvement because “Below the Green” shows that this band truly is capable of making good black metal, they just need to really rack their brains together in order to make something of high caliber. We can only wait, though, and “Below the Green” is more than good enough for us for the meantime and is something I’d recommend to any fan of the genre any day.


LISTEN to “Below the Green” on Spotify here.

WATCH the music video for the track “Damnation” via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW Tomb of Finland on Twitter : @TombOfFinland


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