Sanzu – Ubiety (single)

a4104761496_10 When Sanzu released their debut EP “Painless” earlier this year, I just knew that this was gonna be a band to look out for because their variety of crushing death metal was all but irresistibly awesome for me. And literally 20 minutes ago I saw that they released a new single, “Ubiety”, off of their upcoming debut album, “Heavy Over the Home”, and holy shit have they improved exponentially in just the last few months. “Ubeity” has a brutal bass that does not know when to quit and it makes everything so heavy that the only things that makes it better are the vocals are perfectly brutal to go along with the theme of the song, guitars that have a phenomenal sound to them, and drums that are as fast as you could imagine which helps “Ubiety” have a fast pace that never lets up. Just listening to the beginning of the track sent chills up my spine which has only ever happened twice with death metal, so Sanzu have done something for me, personally, and I thoroughly believe that they could and will be the next big thing for death metal. They pack the punch, have the sound, and got the talent to create an album after a fantastic debut only a few months prior. “Heavy Over the Home” drops on December 3rd everywhere, and I can bet you that it will be the sleeper release of the month at least, “sleeper” meaning that it’ll be the shit but relatively no one will notice. But I’ve faith that Sanzu can and will make a name for themselves with their debut alone, that is how awesome I think “Ubiety” is because just it alone is giving me faith that Sanzu have done something wonderful with their debut.


WATCH the music video for “Ubiety” via YouTube below.

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