Devil You Know – They Bleed Red

10356249_1212072345476446_6414484758825581113_n I remember hearing Devil You Know’s debut , “The Beauty of Destruction”, and thinking “this is the shit!” and ended up being one of my favorite albums of last year. Then I heard the single “Stay of Execution” and thought “this is even better!”, and thankfully the full version “They Bleed Red” (not including bonus tracks) is fucking awesome. What really shows Devil You Know’s evolution is the fact that this album as a whole is so much more heavier than their debut and by heavier I don’t mean that they’re borderline deathcore, the guitars have just gotten more of a kick to them and the bass hit harder than before which gives “They Bleed Red” a very intense feel in its entirety. Overall though, I think the second half of the album is better than the first because it feels like it has a better composition and better sound, although I’m not saying that the first half was shit because it wasn’t I like don’t like it as much but that’s just me. I’m also very thankful for the fact that Howard Jones (vocalist) didn’t change the style of his vocals for “They Bleed Red” because I thought they were spot on in the beginning and was afraid that he was gonna change them, but my worry was for naught. Also if you’re thinking that “They Bleed Red” will just be another generic metalcore album you’re wrong for two reasons: (1) Devil You Know is made up of talented people who know how to make good metalcore, and (2) it’s more brutal, like I said, but it still retains its composure without delving into deathcore territory. And by the end of the album, Devil You Know have proven themselves to be one of the most prestigious and talented bands for their genre, and we should not let them go unnoticed because I’m willing to bet that their 3rd album will be better than this much as this was better than their debut.


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