Spectral Lore – Gnosis

IVR050_SPECTRAL_LORE_Gnosis_front_1500px One of the few things in black metal that I have never come across is a band that has dared to create a fully instrumental album, and Spectral Lore’s upcoming ambient EP “Gnosis” is my first exposure to the style and it definitely has gotten me interested. Albeit I think the 5 tracks off of “Gnosis” are a little long winded and feel dragged out a tad, Spectral Lore really hits the nail on the head with creating an album that really embodies the idea of ambient black metal while keeping things tame and not going full on raw or intense, and that really gives the album a sort of composition and form to it. All the guitars, bass, and drums of Spectral Lore flow very well together and of course there are added instruments such as a piano to add a little bit of atmosphere into the mix and really making “Gnosis” feel like a trip through space or something if you aren’t doing anything except listening to this album. And actually I lied about the instrumental part, “Gnosis” doesn’t contain any straight up vocals that one would normally expect, instead Spectral Lore’s vocalist only whispers indiscernible lyrics, but I still consider this album instrumental because you can barely hear the vocals as they sound like they only add to the ambiance of “Gnosis” and not much. By the the end of this 49-minute EP, Spectral Lore have created an interesting journey that if you are into ambient black metal then you are in for a very different trip as “Gnosis” is both unique and intriguing by any and all standards.


“Gnosis” releases December 7th.

LISTEN to Spectral Lore’s previous EP “Voyager” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Spectral Lore on Facebook here.


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