Earthside – A Dream in Static

11887882_725603900917822_4648080240917460334_n I’m not familiar enough with post rock as a genre to say that I know the ins and outs of it (by far), but I’ve heard enough to say that I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the basic sound and structure of it. Earthside’s newest album, “A Dream in Static”, does not deviate from those standards that I have found, but they decide to lengthen their songs to allow more atmosphere and actually incorporates the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra in two tracks which turn out to be my favorite because they sound so nice and work really well with Earthside’s style. And that being said, I’m not too big into the vocals. They sound nice and have a decent flow to them, but to me they just don’t mix at all with the rest of the music and it throws everything off for me, otherwise “A Dream in Static” is pretty spot on with the sheer quality of its sound. There was a level of epic-ness that was carried throughout the entire album that constantly shifts and changes which keeps the pace and feel of “A Dream in Static” fresher as it’s not just the same thing on loop in any of the tracks (all of which are well over 5 minutes long). The guitars have a great flow, the drums have a peaceful beat that can change to something more dynamic in an instant, the groove of the bass is unbeatable, and all of the added effects were spot on with no flaw to be had for me. Like I said the only thing I didn’t like were the vocals, but other than that “A Dream in Static” a very solid album that any and all post rock fans should definitely check out because it is certainly a treat for fans of the genre.


LISTEN to “A Dream in Static” via YouTube below.

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