Nar Mattaru – Ancient Atomic Warfare

IVR049_-_NAR_MATTARU_-_Ancient_Atomic_Warfare How raw does a death metal album have to be? How fast does it have to be? How intense should it be in terms of deep vocals, heavy guitars, a bass that doesn’t know the meaning of “calm down”, and brutal drums? I suppose all the answers to those questions lie in the eye, or ear, of the beholder, but to me it truly depends on how well the band can make their death metal sound. And in the case with Nar Mattaru and their upcoming sophomore album “Ancient Atomic Warfare” not a single iota of death metal is held back for even a split second. To answer all those questions, Nar Mattaru has some brutally raw death metal the likes of which I’ve never heard come out of Chile before (a country that I’m sure is the next Brazil in terms of an emerging metal scene), and the album has a tempo that constantly shifts and it has a great sound to it as the vocals change with the guitars from a slow grinding to a faster pace that sounds like the narrator for death itself. And although “Ancient Atomic Warfare” has but 6 tracks, its brutal runtime of over 40 minutes long easily makes up for that and the sheer quality of all of them greatly outweighs the small number of songs which is something that proves to me Nar Mattaru knows exactly what the fuck they are doing down to the core, and the way that they make songs that are over 6 minutes work so well . . . beautiful. This was an accidental find, mind you. I clicked on the wrong thing in my email and I was taken to this album, and I was so enticed by the cover art alone that I gave the album a spin and that is something that I cannot get over how lucky I was. Nar Mattaru is easily the best band to have come out of Chile (maybe even South America as a whole!) this year and is definitely one of my favorites this year. When “Ancient Atomic Warfare” comes out December 7th I expect all of you death metal fans to check this album out because it is a trip you will not regret taking and will not forget for some time to come. I promise you that.


LISTEN to the track “Declaration of Supremacy” off of the album via YouTube below.

LIKE Nar Mattaru on Facebook here.


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