Dalla Nebbia – Felix Culpa

a0382335239_10 I’m no stranger to black metal. I’m also not a stranger to progressive black metal with bands like Hybrid Nightmares being some of my favorites, nor am I unfamiliar with atmospheric black metal as it truly captures my imagination in ways that no other genre has been able to do ever. But not once have I fathomed what those two would sound like together, and it turns out it sounds weird but thankfully not terrible. “Felix Culpa” is the second album from progressive black band Dalla Nebbia and the perfect word for it is “weird” and there’s no other word for it. It mixes mostly progressive black with just a little bit of atmospheric black metal (but enough) to spice things up a little bit. The only thing that wasn’t all that odd in my opinion were the vocals which had a great sound to them that were very characteristic of black metal as a whole and it really helped bring everything together and helped me get through the lengthy songs of “Felix Culpa”. Each track had a strange flow to it that wavered in terms of how interesting it was and it really didn’t help me enjoy this album as much if that didn’t happen, especially since this is an hour long album. The weirdness, though, is one of the things that helped me enjoy “Felix Culpa” in the long run as the combining of progressive and atmospheric black metal can be an amazing match, and Dalla Nebbia is definitely onto something, they just need to really mature and fully develop their style. When that happens can almost guarantee you that that album will be the absolute shit whenever it drops.


LISTEN to “Felix Culpa” on Bandcamp here.

LISTEN to the track “Felix Culpa (Theodicy Corrupted)” via YouTube below.

LIKE Dalla Nebbia on Facebook here.


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