Ashen Horde – Nine Plagues

cover A concept album is sometimes the best kind of album in my experience as they always seem to bring out the best in so many bands from all sorts of genres and styles, and Ashen Horde only reinforces that statement as their upcoming album “Nine Plagues” is a solid horror metal piece that tells the tales of “inhabitants of a small village as they are invaded and forced into an unforgiving winter wasteland, and with each song details a different ‘plague’ that befalls the refugees” (according to their Facebook, anyway). Each track is a great piece of what is definitely progressive black metal, but Ashen Horde manages to shove so much into so little and it works so it doesn’t sound completely forced compared to how some other bands do their thing. And every single moment is filled with an absolutely aggressive energy that does not let up which really shows the brutality of how the villagers have to struggle to survive, the bloody events that occur every single day, and the weakening will of the ones who are unlucky enough to witness the atrocities. All 9 tracks are lengthy, enticing, have a great feel to them, and are so cross-genre that it bothers me to only call it progressive black metal as “Nine Plagues” goes so far as to include even a little bit of grindcore into its style to spice things up a little bit. Oh yeah, and did I fail to mention that Ashen Horde is a one-man band? Whoops, should’ve said that because that’s awesome. And even though “Nine Plagues” doesn’t come out until December 15th, you should still keep your eye out for the album because it is certainly something different to check out for sure.


LISTEN to Ashen Horde’s latest album, “Sanguinum Vindicta”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ashen Horde on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Ashen Horde on Twitter : @AshenHorde



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