Chronotope – Kudos (single)

12045778_914724575262174_3860541493054843912_o I’ve never had the opportunity to really listen to anything that would be considered “progressive hardcore”, but before today I would’ve guessed that it would have a more melodic sound while still having a good pace of aggression and anger to it that normal hardcore does. And apparently Chronotope is a progressive hardcore band, but they have gone in the complete opposite direction of what I thought they’d sound like. They almost sound like they could be close to death metal, but I’m not gonna go that far because I don’t want to. What really matters is that Chronotope’s new single, “Kudos”, off of their upcoming EP “(un)Conscious” shows that this band is here with a severely heavy punch to their name that holds nothing back. Everything from the vocals to the rhythm itself is 100% pure aggression that shows where the hardcore comes in, but it’s the intensity of it all and how consistent it is that is where the progressive part comes in for me and that definitely is a game change for Chronotope without a doubt. The song had a great pace to it that fit perfectly for it’s 2 minute and 43 second run time which is fantastic because that means everything is kept fast, intense, and not one moment is wasted for anything as little as a pause or even a possible breakdown. I don’t know for sure when “(un)Conscious” itself will be coming because Chronotope hasn’t given out a date yet, but you can bet that I will definitely check it out when it drops because Chronotope has definitely got my full attention after just hearing “Kudos” alone.


LISTEN to “Kudos” via YouTube below.

LIKE Chronotope on Facebook here.


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