Ozone Mama – Sonic Glory

sonic_glory With a name and a cover art like that, what else could Ozone Mama be except a rock’n’roll band? I don’t know the answer to my own question, but right now there isn’t a need for one because Ozone Mama have done a very nice job in terms of understanding the genre and doing it in such a way that it easily reminded me of all sorts of 70s and 80s classic rock that I would listen to as a child, and that instantly made their latest helping “Sonic Glory” more favorable because it filled me with a sense of nostalgia. All 10 tracks had a terrific flow to them that really worked well for a rock’n’roll theme as each song didn’t feel forced at all and they had an upbeat tone that I can remember being big with classic rock and Ozone Mama mix that with a few modern elements very well to create their own little special blend of rock. The vocals were very fluid to say in the least and went very well with the guitars that had that vintage sound I’ve been shoving down your throat, the bass that had a low but evident groove the whole while, and drums that had great pacing and a solid beat throughout all of “Sonic Glory”. All in all, Ozone Mama have done a solid job in recreating a classic feel that works very well despite that genre for the most part dying off in recent decades, but this band is not letting go and they know how to hold onto this genre and how to recreate very, very nicely.


LISTEN to “Sonic Glory” on Spotify here.

WATCH the lyric video for “Man On the Run” via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW Ozone Mama on Twitter : @OzoneMamaHUN


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