Glasir – Unborn

a1015391184_10 Post metal and post rock have always interested me because you can do so much with post that can truly take you somewhere else with a unique set of sound effects mixed in with the normal band set up that adds the edge that can go either really well for very badly with the effects depending upon the band. So far, the only post band to really have an effect on me is Minsk with their latest album “The Crash and the Draw”, but now another post band has come along and gotten me to give their album a thumbs up and that is Glasir with their latest EP “Unborn”. All 3 tracks are instrumental as well so it feels as though you are just floating in some sort of limbo that is created flawlessly and purely by the guitars, bass, and drums that make up Glasir. Each song is well over 5 minutes which gives Glasir plenty of time to really show off their versatility and create interesting rhythms that have a great flow to them that stick true to post rock tradition with everything have a nice groove and being not too heavy at the same time. At the end of “Unborn” you went through an interesting experience that you will be hard pressed to find in any other place with any sort of ease, for Glasir is a rare band indeed that can actually manage to make this style of music sound intriguing and keep you listening the whole while.


LISTEN to “Unborn” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Glasir on Facebook here.


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