Sarvas – The Throne

9aaa2a3226cd4c351e0e9ee17f0af2a6 I remember hearing Sarvas’ debut self-titled album and thinking that it was nice, but it could be better. Well, their new EP “The Throne” is much, much better on all accounts. Coming in at a whopping 28+ minutes with only 3 tracks to its name, Sarvas show that they have truly evolved since their debut and have put in a whole lot more thought into their song writing as this album has a great atmospheric kick to it that works very, very well with the mixture of so much that Sarvas have managed to pull off. The first track is 8 minutes, the second is 4 minutes, and the finale is approximately 15 minutes long and in between those are crunchy guitars mixed with deep growls that sound fantastic while at times it will settle down and the atmospheric bits will come in and really pull you out into a calmer state of mind before slamming you back into the heaviness with a great kick to it that Sarvas have clearly gotten a hold of. If this is just some of the stuff that Sarvas have managed to cook up in the 2 years since their debut, then I am more than intrigued into seeing what they will bust out next as “The Throne” is definitely a step in the right direction for this band because it is a massive improvement upon their previous work. Each song has its strengths and further shows that Sarvas know what they’re doing without a doubt.


LISTEN to “The Throne” in full via YouTube below.

LIKE Sarvas on Facebook here.


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