Canyon of the Skull (self-titled)

COT_Panel1_Hi-Res What makes a good doom metal band? To be fair, many things, but one thing that pretty much every doom fan including myself loves is an insurmountable crunch that goes along with the slow tempo, and most bands do it flawlessly making their style of doom heavy and the essence of their genre, and Canyon of the Skull is no different. Coming to us with their self-titled debut on October 30th, Canyon of the Skull comes from the American Southwest where it is one of the most unusual places for doom metal to be found, but it works so fucking well that it’s ridiculous. And being a doom metal band also means what? Long ass songs, that’s what, and “Canyon of the Skull” has but 2 tracks to its name but they both stretch to an impressive 17 minutes for the first and 18 for the last. It’s all instrumental as well so that means both tracks are as raw as can be without the addition of vocals, and that really seems to make the album feel heavier for some reason that I’m not sure why but I’ll fucking take it. The only thing that I found wrong with “Canyon of the Skull” in my book is that there wasn’t as much variety as I’d prefer in each track, by that I mean that it was more or less the same base beat the entire time and it just gets a little repetitive really quick, but that’s just a small issue for me with the rest of the album being spot on as it could have ever been. All in all, Canyon of the Skull are without a doubt doing some of the best doom I’ve heard out of America in a while, and in the event that they sit down and create another album you can bet your ass I’ll be on that because “Canyon of the Skull” is magnificent and deserves any and all attention it gets. Canyon of the Skull have definitely earned the right to be a band to look out for because what they’ll pull next will without a doubt be nothing short of awesome.


LISTEN to the first track “The Path (Of Bear and Wolf)” on SoundCloud here.

PRE-ORDER “Canyon of the Skull” (out Oct. 30th) on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Canyon of the Skull on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Canyon of the Skull on Twitter : @canyondoom

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