Mammoth Storm – Fornjot

615_MammothStorm_CMYK[1] Ever wonder what would happen if a member of renowned symphonic doom metal band Draconian formed a doom/stoner metal band? Well wonder no more as the guitarist from Draconian as formed just such a band and that band is Mammoth Storm, and on November 6th they will release their full length debut “Fornjot” and it is definitely something any sort of doom fan will have to check out. Sticking to the tradition of doom metal, Mammoth Storm has a crushingly slow tempo that grinds along in songs that don’t go shorter than 6 minutes in all but one track which is instrumental so it deserves a pass, I believe, to the rule. The only case that the stoner comes in is with the vocalist, who is also the guitarist of Draconian, having a tone throughout all of “Fornjot” that has a nice sense of aggression to it that I can’t complain about it as it fits perfectly with the style of doom metal that Mammoth Storm does. And if you’re wondering about the cover art well it’s because “Fornjot” draws its name from the ancient Norse mythology: Fornjotr, a giant and ruler of Finland, Kvenland and Gotland which is all sorts of awesome! Taking a path that I think is fucking great, but rarely taken, for doom metal, Mammoth Storm have shown that they are here to make their own unique blend of two distinct genres and create music that sounds like it could be the sound track to a battle between gods and demons in Norse mythology.”Fornjot” is an impressive album without a doubt and I’m sure this is but the tip of the iceberg for Mammoth Storm.


LISTEN to the single “Vultures Prey” on Spotify here.

LIKE Mammoth Storm on Facebook here.


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