Red Morris – Lady Rose

imageWhen I think of instrumental rock I don’t and really can’t think of much as not a whole lot of bands from that particular style have flown into my ears. In fact, only two have with those being My Sleeping Karma and El Ten Eleven. So when I saw an email with Red Morris’ new instrumental rock album “Lady Rose” entailed I just couldn’t help but check the album out as I was very interested, and thankfully that was not in vain. “Lady Rose” is like most instrumental albums where everything has a good flow and a smooth sound that can entice anyone who’s willing to listen. Red Morris adds a little bit of a kick to their style though with just a literal tinge of funk that adds a very appealing groove to the guitars that sound smoother than water, a bass that was calm but dynamic, and drums that had a steady and very chill beat. Over a course of 30+ minutes, Red Morris manages to create a very solid collection of groove and beats that can quite possibly be considered the ultimate chill album for some people who are looking for a good beat but want something smooth, and that is exactly what “Lady Rose” is 100% all the way.

LISTEN to the track “My Life Blues” via YouTube below.
LIKE Red Morris on Facebook here.


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