John Dallas – Wild Life

11204383_1876570239233839_7184266334286873247_n In terms of how much actual “hard rock” is in John Dallas’ latest album, “Wild Life”, I’d be lying if I said it was there 100%, but there was definitely enough there for this album to still quantify as hard rock. But overall though, this album has a nice style that really seems to have somewhat of a retro feel to it ever so slightly with each track having its own like funky tune to it that is quite different from a lot of other hard rock bands I’ve heard. The whole 35-minute album has a nice flow to it which the vocals do a big part in doing as they really stay true to rock as a genre itself as they aren’t too intense or too light but just perfectly balanced for the guitars that have a little bit of a crunch to them that after pulling off some nice hooks with the bass putting in the extra kick and the drums having a solid beat the whole time. Some of the track felt a bit long winded but overall the entirety of “Wild Life” has no real negative parts to it other than it’s just not really my kind of hard rock albeit this is a very solid album which a neat sound to it. John Dallas isn’t something I’d recommend to all hard rock fans, but it definitely has a good twist to it that separates them from the majority of the genre which is good because they don’t hop on the bandwagon, instead they make the kind of music they wanna make which is always fantastic. This is certainly an interesting band, but not really for me although they definitely have a bright future ahead.


LISTEN to “Wild Life” on Spotify here.

WATCH the lyric video for the track “Heaven Is” via YouTube below.

LIKE John Dallas on Facebook here.


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