Aktaion – Throne

a0074545258_10 Much like how Under the Church displayed yesterday how death metal was in it’s glory days, Aktaion shows how the newer wave of death metal sounds and how it still holds the intensity of the genre while adding a bit of a twist to the mix that makes the music feel a little bit more dynamic. Everything about Aktaion’s debut album, “Throne”, shows that they have the mentality of everything being fast means more awesomeness which is very true, but they also manage to follow it up with intense vocals that shred alongside the heavy bass and some guitar that do not know the meaning of “slow down”. Then Aktaion decide to throw in just a little bit of keyboards into the mix and they don’t overpower anything or show up too often which normally sucks, but in the case with “Throne” they are perfectly balanced as to provide just that little bit of pizzazz that I think “Throne” would’ve been missing otherwise. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work out so well for me is the length of some of the songs that stretch well over 5 minutes, and they’re good songs don’t get me wrong it’s just that they feel a little bit too stretched out or stretched too thin if you know what I mean by that. They just didn’t seem to have the sort of longevity to last that long, but they turned out much better than I initially thought they would so that’s definitely a plus. Overall, Aktaion have just missed the bulls-eye mark with me as I feel like “Throne” didn’t have any hooks that make any great album as great as they are, but I’ve no doubt that this band can overcome such a hurdle with the utmost ease. “Throne” is definitely something to check out if you’re into death metal as it’s a very good piece that represents the state of its genre in today’s world, and that state is a good one.


LISTEN to “Throne” on Bandcamp here.

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