Under the Church – Rabid Armageddon

Rabid_Armageddon_Cover Of any album that I have ever reviewed, I can say with complete confidence that Under the Church is the most pure death metal that has ever flown its way into my ears and wrapped itself around me brains. Their upcoming debut full length album “Rabid Armageddon” is the most raw death metal that I’ve heard for a long time while still remaining true to its style without straying into any other sub-genre like brutal death or even blackened death. Everything is spot on something that sounds like some good ol’ 90s death metal with each song, chorus, the cover art, and even the fucking band name itself showing off the most brutal that the member of Under the Church can go while still remaining true to their corpse melting style of metal. The guttural growls have a great deep sound alongside the intense guitars that have magnificent hooks spread throughout “Rabid Armageddon” that combined with the heavy and crunchy bass and the blast beating drums make a concoction that you cannot deny is fucking awesome. Then the lyrics are borderline satanic for me as they seem like they could be but I couldn’t be bothered to over-examine them as they work so well that I should not be complaining about any aspect of them. “Rabid Armageddon” is a fantastically brutal album that will captivate any real fan of death metal Under the Church takes us back to the glory days of the genre where everything was overly brutal in the best way, and this album does not disappoint in any way. If this is but the tip of the iceberg for what Under the Church can think of, then I will throw my whole wallet down and pay for everything as I cannot wait to see what they will possibly think of as a follow up to a phenomenal piece of pure death metal.


WATCH the lyric video for the track,“Walpurgis Night”, via YouTube below!

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