Hybrid Nightmares – The Fourth Age

a4128856316_10 This is the end of all things. All the light in the universe is gone and all that remains is darkness. The end of man is upon us. This is the final and by far the most grand of all the Ages: “The Fourth Age”. I firmly believed that Hybrid Nightmares could not do any better after putting out the first three Ages (“The First” through “The Third” Ages) over the course of 2015, and with each one having their own strengths and styles I could not begin to fathom what this band was going to pull out next with “The Fourth Age”. And now that it is out I can happily say that this is truly the most intense and also the best of the entire Ages saga by far.

It’s much like the other three “Ages” with having one instrumental track that is calmer than anything else off the album, and in the case with “The Fourth Age” this comes at the very end in the form of acoustic guitars that signal the reign of darkness has completely taken over and there is tranquility amongst it despite all the chaos that led up to it. And now that it has come, it is time for the cycle to renew. But the chaos that ensued up to that point is also something to admire. The first four tracks have an absolutely chaotic feel about them that just tear up your ears as the vocals are more than a perfect fit for the guitars and drums that rip along in each song. What’s really interesting is the fact that the fourth (and my favorite) track, “Dashavatara”, is that they mold bits and piece from some tracks from the other Ages (namely “Into the Labyrinth” and “What It Means to Die” (“The Second Age”), and “The Purge” (“The Third Age”)) and changing up the style to a more intense feel and making them flow together to tell some sort of epic tale of the greatest moments from the Ages past before being consumed by the darkness in the final track. Each song has such a visceral tone and an aggressive pace that anyone who knows Hybrid Nightmares can hear in their heads right now, and anyone who hasn’t must check out “The Fourth Age” because it is the best that I’ve heard from this 5-man Melbourne wrecking crew.

This is the end of an epic era where death, rebirth, chaos, and peace. Hybrid Nightmares started this journey in January with the release of “The First Age” and now it comes to an amazing end with “The Fourth Age”. They have done plenty of styles, told epic tales, and made 20 awesome songs between four great albums. This is the culmination of fantastic musicianship that is spot on and pulled off more than perfectly not once but four fucking times. “The Fourth Age” is the peak of all the Ages and it will show to anyone who has heard the entirety of the Ages saga that Hybrid Nightmares is a band of geniuses. This album is one of the most impressive albums I’ve heard all year and tops everything this band has done before. I’m sure this is only the beginning of what they can do, and when they come out with more material I’m more than positive that it will be fucking awesome and intense as all of the Ages. Hybrid Nightmares have truly hit the nail on the head with the Ages, but with “The Fourth Age” more than all of the others combined.


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